Evaluation of Services / Complaints

At Mount Sinai Hospital, our aim is to provide you with the highest possible standard of patient care.

You and/or your family members will be asked to complete a Satisfaction Survey during or following your stay at the hospital. Your opinions and ideas are important and encouraged, as they will help us make continuous improvements to our quality of care. Confidentiality will be fully respected.

We thank you for your feedback.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the quality of care or services provided, a procedure is available to allow you to express your disappointment and enable us to identify and correct certain situations.

As a first step, we suggest you discuss the circumstances with the Unit Manager on your floor or with the Director of Nursing.

You can then contact the Complaint and Quality of Services Commissioner, who will attempt to resolve issues between patients or their families and our staff, and whose main objective is to improve the quality of care and services.

All of the information pertaining to your complaint will remain strictly confidential.

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