Mount Sinai Hospital Montreal is supported by many dedicated volunteers who generously donate their time and assistance to numerous programs, activities and departments.

Today, more than 150 volunteers bring their talents and compassion to help the Hospital carry out its mission.

Volunteers receive an orientation and are trained and guided to create a rewarding experience for both themselves and the patients/residents. Volunteers are carefully selected based on their talents and trustworthiness. Following an initial interview, a police verification and reference check are performed. Volunteers are then assigned to areas of the Hospital where their skills, talents and strengths will be most effectively used, on a regular and part-time basis.

The volunteer program at Mount Sinai Hospital provides an opportunity to lend a helping hand in a number of hospital duties. Below is a partial list of areas where volunteer tasks are needed:

  • Assistant Patient/Resident Feeding
    Assisting patients or residents during mealtimes: breakfast, lunch or dinner (training provided)
  • Friendly Visiting
    Companionship, reading, conversation, listening, playing board games
  • Palliative Care
    Visiting, listening, conversation, assistance with meals; pre-requisite “McGill Palliative Care Volunteer Training Program”
  • Pet Visiting
    Visiting patients/residents with the volunteer’s friendly dog (dog screening process required prior to acceptance)
  • Recreology
    Assisting in : Holiday celebrations, BBQ, Bingo, Nail Spa Day, Concert, Music Therapy, Art Therapy .. etc
  • Oneg Shabbat
    Assisting in the preparation and celebration on nursing units
  • Walks in the garden
    Accompanying patients/residents to the “Healing Garden”
  • Therapy Sessions
    Bringing patients/residents to Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, etc.
  • Office Support
    Assisting in filing, photocopying, folding, etc

All volunteers have the opportunity to learn new skills, develop a variety of interests, gain experience in the healthcare field and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others. Volunteers become a valued member of a special team.

Once a year, active volunteers are recognized with a special social event in their honor where long term service awards are presented..

For more information, or to become a volunteer, please contact The Community Relations and Volunteer Services Coordinator at: 

Mireille El-Asmar, E-MBA
Coordinator, Volunteer Services
Tel: 514-369-2222 ext 1332
Mont Sinaï Hospital


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