Food Services

In order to respect and conform to Jewish dietary laws, all food at Mount Sinai Hospital Centre is certified Kosher. Non-Kosher food is only permissible in dedicated Hospital areas.

All meals are dietitian-approved based on each patient’s dietary needs. Upon admission to the Hospital, patients meet with a dietitian for an introductory consultation. Mount Sinai Hospital Montreal makes every effort to accommodate the individual tastes and needs of patients.

Various types of meals are available, based on most food textures (regular, minced, soft, pureed or liquid) and specific dietary needs.

The Hospital also provides special meals for religious holidays.

A Kosher cafeteria with summer terrace is located on the ground floor. The cafeteria features hot meals and a salad bar. Vouchers for visitors are available at the reception desk in the main lobby. Kosher vending machines and microwaves are also available.

The Hospital features a dairy Coffee Shop, operated by the Auxiliary, which serves a variety of light meals, snacks and beverages. The Coffee Shop is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm, and Sundays from 10am-4pm; closed on Saturdays and the Jewish holidays.

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