In-Patient Palliative Care Unit

It’s not just about care, it’s about caring.

The In-Patient Palliative Care Unit of Mount Sinai Hospital provides comprehensive and compassionate care for patients and their families in the terminal phases of illness with a prognosis of less than three months. The focus of treatment emphasizes the control of pain and symptom management and includes psychological, social, spiritual and cultural support.

The in-patient unit consists of 15 beds for patients diagnosed with cancer or other terminal illnesses. Quality care is delivered with sensitivity and professionalism by an interdisciplinary team consisting of physicians, nurses,  physiotherapists, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians, chaplains, volunteers as well as recreational, music and art therapists.

Family members receive support and information from a social worker, who is available for counseling on issues such as crisis intervention, bereavement, funeral arrangements and legal matters such as wills and financial matters.

Patients seeking admission to the In-Patient Palliative Care Unit must have a signed referral from a physician and are usually referred by a CSSS (CLSC) or hospital. Patients are admitted based on a priority list which takes each patient’s needs into account.

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